Over 75 Year Experience in Sustainable Protection against Life and Health Risks

Our Company’s history dates back to as early as 1939 when it was founded as an activated carbon producing workshop.
Today, Sorbent JSC is a forward-thinking and fast-growing diversified business constantly developing its research and manufacturing facilities, implementing new high-performance technologies and producing top-quality products that meet international quality standards.

Respiratory Personal Protective Equipment (RPPE)

For more than 50 years we have engineered and produced industrial and civilian respiratory RPPE to become a Russian recognized leader for filtering gas masks.

We produce a variety of gas masks, respirators, filtering half-masks and other protection equipment that meet the most stringent requirement governing operations of our customers with harmful working conditions, as well as civil defense units and rescue team.

Our own facilities producing respiratory protection filtering components including chemical absorbers, catalysts and filtering cloth, ensure high-end protection and performance of Sorbent end products.

Our experienced specialists are available to guide you in selecting respiratory protection, provide expert advice in its operation and maintenance, as well as in the development of corporate standard requirements to the use of PPE as well as to other aspects of safety and protection against human health risks.

The quality of our products is ensured and controlled by the Quality Control Department of our enterprise and by the Military Representative Office of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

All our export products hold EN Quality Certificates.

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Contact us

ul. Galperina 6, Perm, 614113, Russia
Personal Protection Equipment Department
International Business
Tel.: +7 (342) 258 62 68
Fax: +7 (342) 258 61 64
E-mail: export@sorbent.su

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